Our Father's House, Inc.
More than 'just' a shelter!

Incorporated in 1983, Our Father's House (OFH) has proven longevity as a nonprofit with a successful track record in assisting homeless individuals and families in Northern Worcester County.

A founding group of dedicated individuals worked tirelessly to purchase a city-owned property from the City of Fitchburg and then renovated the structure to become the first homeless emergency shelter in
North Worcester County.

OFH has grown from "a shelter of last resort" which provided a bed and a meal, to an agency that offers comprehensive case management services
to the homeless.

Although the Emergency Shelter Program is partially funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development, our fundraising efforts are critical and ongoing to keep the Shelter operating. The government funding does not cover any capital expenditures, such as repairs/maintenance, renovations, nor the entirety of some operating costs such as food, electricity, heat and any administrative expenses. The bulk of our share of costs is paid through an Annual Fund Drive, conducted by the Board of Directors, each September.

Last year, we provided shelter and transitional housing to approximately a combined total of 950
individuals and families.

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