Our Father's House, Inc.
More than 'just' a shelter!
Emergency Shelters ~ Sober Homes
Street Outreach ~ Food Pantry

Our Father’s House is a private, non-sectarian agency providing shelter and related services to homeless men, women and children.   Rooted in Judeo Christian values - which means that every man, woman and child is created equal and should be treated that way - we emphasize the dignity of the individual, and through our programs encourage and assist each guest to become self-sufficient.  A related mission is to educate the public concerning the problem of homelessness and further to advocate possible solutions.

  • Our Father's House is working on permanent solutions to homelessness by providing a progression of emergency shelter and support when needed; transitional and permanent housing when possible and practical; and individual support and guidance to encourage and assist our clients in becoming self-sufficient.
  • We offer a comprehensive set of services aimed at getting people off the street where they can be safe and then we work closely with them and service providers to help them become self-sufficient.
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